Discovering the career that's right for you

After determining your level of skills and how to build them, you need to make a plan. Research shows that goals that are written down are more likely to be achieved--so take some time to put into words your plan, skills, and values.
Charting your Career Path
When's the last time you thought about your goals, skills, network, or next steps? Complete the following pages to stay on the right track, whether you're just starting out or changing careers.
career plan template
Career Plan Template
The average worker changes careers 5-7 times in their lifetime. Don't be caught by surprise...make a plan! Lay out for yourself your goals and next steps to achieve them.
career skill building template
Skill Building Template
Sometimes we aren't aware of the things that set us apart. How would you rate yourself on these skills that employers say are important to keeping a job? Think about what you do well, and which skills you'd like to improve.
career elevator speech
Your Job Description
Would you hire yourself? This exercise helps you see yourself from an employer's point of view. If something is missing, how can you fill in the gaps so that every employer wants to hire you?

Some smart tools, just for you

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