What financial aid money is available?
Do not need to be repaid-free money!
Apply for as many as possible to reduce your out of pocket expense
Covers tuition, fees, room and board, books
Most are given based on your academic achievement or financial need
Your college's financial aid site will have more info about what they offer
Some degree programs have grants for students entering those programs
Submit a FAFSA to be considered, or certain students may qualify for the VASA
For more information on state financial aid programs: SCHEV state financial aid.
Work Study
Work on or off-campus up to a certain number of hours per year
Gives you credit off of your total bill based on how much you work
Not all colleges offer work study
You must submit a FAFSA and check the Work Study information box
411 on Federal Work Study info
Both undergrad and grad scholarships available
Reduces the amount of tuition and college fees you will need to pay
Various amounts of money
Apply for as many scholarships as possible
State, private, and nationwide scholarships
You can search based on factors such as major, college, interests, and more
Tuition Waivers
Waivers reduce the tuition amount you owe
Only individuals in special circumstances will qualify for a waiver
Your college's financial aid office will have the most info
You must submit a FAFSA to qualify
Tuition Savings Programs
Can help students save for college
Can help you pay in-state tuition rates out of state (ACM)
You must submit a FAFSA to qualify
The Academic Common Market (ACM) allows you to pay in-state tuition rates at out-of-state public institutions while studying in select programs not available in their home state. For more information or to apply: State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV).
Virginia529 plans also help families save for college. Contact Virginia529 for more information.
Useful if grants/scholarships don't cover all of your tuition
Must be paid back, with interest
Can be private or federal (government) loans
Government loans usually have lower interest and better repayment options
You must submit a FAFSA to qualify for a federal loan