Info for K12 Students and Parents

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Are you a K12 Public School Student in Virginia?

Yes? Yay! Use the Wizard tile on your Clever dashboard to login to the Wizard. Contact your school counselor for more details.

The Wizard has awesome ways to help you find career clusters and occupations, learn more about your strengths, play career games, set goals, and all kinds of other things that can help you decide the best career for you.

Are you the parent or guardian of a K12 Public School Student in Virginia?

Since 2009, the Wizard has partnered with the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) to give students over 100 career tools designed specifically to meet VDOE career requirements for Virginia K12 students, free of charge to every school district. Your student's data is protected and no personally identifying information such as their STI, grades, or scores is accessible through the student interface.

In 2022, we integrated with Clever to allow your students to login to their Wizard account using the district usernames and passwords. Logging in with Clever helps students easily use the tools created in the Wizard for their grade level per VDOE guidelines. If you have questions about how the Wizard is being used in your district or school, please contact the school counseling director.

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How can I get started?

1) Find the training or education right for you
Industry Certifications Guaranteed Admission Search Majors
2) Apply to Virginia Community Colleges
3) Apply for financial aid (Complete the FAFSA)
Financial Aid
4) Check out funding sources
Fast Forward Scholarships SCHEV Financial Aid
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What Do We Offer?

Quick retraining. Start here, transfer to any VA 4 year College or University
  • Hundreds of industry certifications & short-term training options
  • Guaranteed admission & transfer programs to 4-year Universities
  • Hundreds of majors & degree programs
Graph of Earnings and unemployment rates by education level

How will this help me?

More training/education = more money over your lifetime.
Industry certification or short-term training can double your lifetime income!


  • Sponsor - State Council of Higher Education in Virginia logo

    The State Council of Higher Education in Virginia provides many helpful resources for students and parents and has been integral in supporting the Wizard since its inception throughout Virginia.

  • Sponsor - Virginia Department of Education logo

    The Virginia Department of Education provides the Wizard throughout Virginia in order to support K-12 teachers, counselors, and coaches in assisting students with career planning, assessments, and goal setting.

  • Sponsor - O*Net logo

    Assessments and occupational profile details are provided by O*Net. Assessments were found to be statistically reliable and valid, and O*NET information is available for over 900 occupations.

  • Sponsor - Imagine logo

    Imagine is a lifestyle budgeting game based off of Texas Reality Check and modified for students throughout Virginia to help them "Imagine" the life they desire and link them to careers that match.

  • Sponsor - Peterson's logo

    Peterson's provides updated college data for every 4 year university in the United States on a quarterly basis. This data can be found using the college search tool


Chris Pfautz, Director, and Rachel Angel, Coordinator make up the Wizard team with help from our IT staff. Our goal is to answer your questions and help you use the Wizard in the way that works best for you! With a combined 30+ years of classroom, counseling/coaching, and higher education experience, we understand that having personal connections helps everyone involved. If you have feedback, questions, concerns, or want to schedule a training with students or staff, please let us know!