Since You Were Here

Virginia Education Wizard Updates

  1. Wizard 1.0

    •Interest Assessment, Values Assessment
    •Career Search
    •Programs, Majors and Course Search
    •Paying for College
    •Academic Calendar
    •Transfer Planner & Guaranteed Articulation Agreements
    •Apply to VCC

  2. Wizard 2.0

    •College Search Tool
    •College Planning Tool
    •Test Preparation Resources
    •Resume Builder
    •Interview Preparation Section
    •Work-Based Learning Section
    •Transfer Information
    •Skills Assessment

  3. Wizard 3.0

    •Academic Academic and Career Plan functionality for K-12
    •Local Career Pathway information
    •Ad hoc user reports for K-12 administrators
    •Secure login for K-12 users
    •Experiential profile College Planning tool for Parents
    •Veteran's Career Finder
    •Apprenticeship Enhancement

  4. Wizard 4.0

    •Career and Course Planner for Community College Students
    •Career and Course Planner Admin ability for Community College Advisors
    •Dual Enrollment text addition
    •Community College placement test information
    •Additional resources for K-12 Administrative users

  5. Wizard 5.0

    •Complete rebuild of site, relaunched 2/1/2016
    •Role based navigation: students, workforce, veterans
    •Multiple tools created for each role type
    •Admin pages: redid ACP and assessments to make them more user friendly
    •Modified every page for language appropriateness
    •Enhanced capability for mobile/tablet usage
    •Easy apply to a VCC

  6. Wizard 5.5

    •Designed and implemented profile pages based on user grade level for K-12 with custom tools for that grade level
    •Built an ACPP for K5
    •Built a Career Portfolio for 6-8th
    •Combined Interests & Values assessment
    •Created upload functionality for Admins
    •Rebuilt Search Majors tool
    •Rebuilt admin page
    •Rebuilt ACP

  7. Wizard 6.0

    •Complete redo of all student profiles, with increased accessibility and interactive tools
    •Increasing Admin functionality for ACPP
    •Career Exploration Portfolio interface in student Profile for K through 12, with print version
    •Redo of financial aid module
    •Adding common links to main pages for easier navigation

  8. Wizard 7.0

    •Clever Integration (offers single sign on for students)
    •ACP and DCP revamp to match data automatically coming in from districts via Clever
    •About Us infographic with numbers on main page
    •2nd resume template (skills based) accessible to users
    •New adult profile for logged in users
    •Upload district scholarships and internship functionality to go directly to students in specific districts

  9. Wizard 8.0

    •Redesigned homepage for non-logged in users
    •Career detail revamped for more information
    •My Recommendations page
    •K12 profile layout redo
    •K12 reporting function
    •Work-based Resume Template added